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Sebastian PortilloSebastian Portillo is an international recording artist from Switzerland who writes alternative music which is influenced by bands like Jamiroquai, Lenny Kravitz or Jason Mraz. On his first record, he was compared by the media with the young Lenny Kravitz due to his track Eternity. Titles like Natural Queen, On the Inside or Just a Goodbye have achieved international airplay on terrestrial radio. Sebastian works also as an independent music composer and producer. As en Entrepreneur, he is the founder of Portillo Entertainment which extends his musical work with an associated academy for talented young people and anybody who is interested in building up a career in the music business. He also started to develop board games in 2014 and is looking forward to releasing his first title.Since 2008 he published two studio albums: From Here to the Stars and Utopia. You can listen to his music on Apple Music or Spotify.

“I was always fascinated by space and time,” says recording artist, composer and music producer Sebastian Portillo, who calls the picturesque Swiss state of Bern home. “The idea of understanding time and space and making it useful for human kind also reflects in my music and in my lyrics. I want to get to the bottom of every unexplainable thing and get an explanation for it.” For Sebastian, the airy, funky, atmospheric alternative pop music he creates in the studio goes hand in hand with his life’s quest to understand and explain mysteries great and small. He says the most exciting mystery to him is the process “of creating something that does not exist yet.”
Swiss Skills Bern
“The search for melodies and the expression of a feeling that lies inside of me with the help of sounds in musical instruments... it’s that challenge of creating something new” for others to hear that “sounds like the sounds I’ve got in my head,” Sebastian explains. Those sounds in Sebastian’s head started at two or three years old. His father was a Flamenco singer, and his grandfather bought him a real drum to play on instead of banging on pots and pans. At six years old, his parents enrolled him in percussion lessons. At eight years old, Sebastian began piano lessons followed by vocal lessons. He says Michael Jackson’s Bad and Dangerous albums had “a tremendous early impact on my musical style and development”. At 16 years old, Sebastian decided music would be his life’s path. That year, he wrote a song for a girl he secretly loved. The Spanish ballad was performed in front of the entire school, and the overwhelming response from classmates and adults gave him the self confidence to develop his song writing skills. A short time later, Sebastian joined forces with school friends and formed an original rock band they dubbed Lines in the Sand, with Sebastian composing most of their songs. With his career goals focusing on music, you would think the beautiful surroundings and living history of Switzerland would be a prime place for a creative musician to be inspired and earn a living. Sebastian, however, found local attitudes working against him pursuing music for a livelihood. He expended a lot of energy in the years that followed trying to overcome that anti-music career mentality as he wrote and recorded songs but found little support from record labels. So, he taught himself production techniques and learned how to use a range of studio equipment. Sebastian’s fascination with time and space and the unexplainable began to merge with his love of music. He set about analysing songs to find out how they worked, and to study a good song’s structure. It was all part of what he calls “a different approach to listening to music.” Sebastian @ Studio Relief “Every song I liked was like a book I could read and learn something about the story it was telling in-between the lines. With my music, I have a feeling inside me and then I focus on the idea of how I’d like a song to be. The music has to express an emotion or a feeling. Since most of the feelings can’t be described in words, I usually have to use pictures and stories that evoke what I’m feeling” In 2001, Sebastian was accepted into the Paul McCartney Music School at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, where he improved his lyric writing skills and learned how to produce a professional record. He also furthered his self-taught skills on guitar and discovered that his songs “became another dimension if they were written on the guitar. ” Sebastian began playing gigs in Liverpool and made many musical connections−even meeting Sir Paul himself. Despite everything coming together musically, paying for the education proved too daunting. Sebastian Portillo @ Kufa Lyss Sebastian decided to move back to Switzerland where decided to enrol at the University of Bern where he studied Philosophy of Science and Physics. Even though he was determined to reach his musical goals, school and rock star dreams quickly collided in Sebastian’s life. His studies demanded more and more time, and he had to “take one step back in my musical development.” Five years passed by, and he knew he’d have to work even harder and to become better−to network, record, perform and get his music in the right hands. A new band was born out of his ‘work harder’ musical drive, but the band was so stylistically different from his previous musical output that it did not go over well back home in Switzerland. Sebastian then recorded a three song solo demo and later wrote several songs for a Natacha, a major Swiss artist. Sebastian’s composition “Summernacht” reached #41 on the Swiss charts and spent 14 weeks in the Top 100. He then wrote a song for internationally known artist Lou Bega. In 2006, Sebastian participated in a talent show called Superstar, where he performed his songs to an audience of 200,000 until the production crew limited him to performing cover songs. Sebastian came in fourth place and became much better known nationally but still had no record label offers. Sebastian took his recording career in his own hands in 2008 and released Utopia on his own Portillo Records label. His second studio album was full of more music he calls “honest, funky, spacey, freaky, round, emotive, political, groovy and casual.” “Music and words are my artistic form of expression,” he adds. “Instead of creating a painting, a sculpture or other piece of art, I’m creating my music, which is, very often, like a picture of my soul or state of mind. I love the human mind... space and time−the wide, the unexplainable, the mystical, the supernatural. My music fills the emptiness in space and time with something emotional.”


From Here to the Stars

From Here to the Stars (CD)

Studio album by Sebastian Portillo from 2012 including 16 original tracks.

This record takes you on a journey to the border of the universe with sounds that are inspired by synth pop of the 80's.

Disc 1

1. Just a Goodbye
2. Unbreakable
3. When in Love You Learn to Hate
4. Connected
5. Could You Be the One
6. Back Home
7. Time for Love
8. On the News

Disc 2

1. At the Border of the Universe
2. DNA
3. Alpha Mission
4. With the Dinosaurs
5. Galactic Empire
6. Space Ship
7. Thoughts in the Moon
8. Butterflies



Studio album by Sebastian Portillo from 2008 including 14 original tracks.

This is Sebastian's first album release. He wrote, produced, mixed, mastered and performed these original tracks. It gathers many different styles including funky tunes and piano ballads.

1. Utopia
2. Mr. Troublesoulpreacher
3. Like a Bird in a Cage
4. Overloaded Today
5. Emotional Mistake
6. On the Inside
7. Leave Me Alone
8. Circus Today
9. Every Minute Every Second
10. Natural Queen
11. Here I Am
12. Suffering

Bonus Tracks:
Natural Queen (Beta Version)

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